Vozkevaz wines were awarded the best in Armenia

Vozkevaz wines were awarded the best in Armenia

Voskevaz Winery wins first and second places at the Areni Wine Festival


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Voskevaz Winery continues to win best awards in competitions around the country, this time at the Areni Wine Festival. Supported by the ministry of economy and Industrial Development Foundation the sixth Areni Wine Festival was held in Best Western Congress Hotel on October 2, 2014.
Wine tasting jurors were experienced and prestigious sommeliers from the United States and France. Head of the Industry Fund Hayk Mirzoyan mentioned that this is the fourth wine contest held as a part of the Areni Festival, and the interest of winemakers and consumers is growing. “The aim of the festival is to strengthen the competition among winemakers, which will improve the qualities of their wines,” he said. Many guests arrive to Armenia from abroad during the competition, which gives the opportunity to learn about Armenian wines and allows to expand wine export.

Areni Wine Festival promotes development of rural tourism and contributes Armenia as the cradle of winemaking.  According to the organizers the aim of the festival is to preserve Armenian winemaking traditions and cultural heritage.
Voskevaz Winery took part in the contest and presented four wines, which received first places in three categories and second place in one category. Voskevaz Winerys’ classic Voskevaz Red Dry, vintage Nuraz Red Dry and Voskepar White Dry wines were awarded “Best of Class” in Armenia. The second highest accolade of the contest was awarded to Voskevaz Winerys’ vintage Urzana White Dry Wine.