Voskevaz won a Gold Medal at Mundus Vini

Voskevaz won a Gold Medal at Mundus Vini

Voskevaz Winerys new red dry “Voskevaz Karasi Collerction, Areni Noir” wine was awarded a gold medal at “Mundus Vini 18th Grand International Wine Award”, which was held in Germany on February 21-24. 5000 different wines from 149 countries were tasted and judged by 160 wine specialists from all over the world at the spring tasting 2016. This is the first time in Armenian winemaking history, when a wine, made from autochthonous Armenian grape variety, wins such a prestigious award.

The main concept of “Voskevaz Winery” is the autochthonous style, which refers to the winemaking methods as well as to the use of only local grape varieties. Since ancient times in different colonies, villages of Armenia was spread the technology of wine fermentation and aging in karases (Armenian clay jars). The remains of the karas cellar of Badali Jam church, built in 5-7 centuries in the village Voskevaz, reached us as an incarnation of the “karas art”. “Voskevaz Winery” is aimed to revive the use of this ancient winemaking technology. The new “Voskevaz Karasi Collection” line embodies this philosophy. These wines reflect the true nature of Armenian winemaking.

“The use of karas in winemaking has a millennium history and it has reached us as a heritage and wealth. As a traditional winemaking tool, karas enables to create expressive, unique and elegant wines that are unlike on any others”.

head winemaker of “Voskevaz Winery”, Alexey Sapsay.

“Voskevaz Karasi Collection, Areni Noir” is one of the rare wines, that reflect the pure nature of Areni Noir variety with its terroir. This wine is made with preserved old vines from Vayots Dzor region vineyards at elevation of around 1600m above sea level. Two winemaking tools, 100 year-old karas and Armenian oak barrel, are used to create this outstanding wine. In our opinion, this kind of harmonious combination of karas and barrel is perfect for the wine taste and aroma evolution.

Two more wines made from local Voskehat and Haghtanak grape varieties will be included in “Voskevaz Karasi Collection” in the nearest future. This is a stunning example of world-class wines that will be interesting both for the local and foreign consumer.  In our opinion Armenian grape varieties are quite promising and have unique character and great potential.

“Voskevaz Winery” always improves the quality of its products and is aimed to increase the interest in all Armenian wines, made from local grape varieties.  The gold medal on “Mundus Vini” is the proof, that Armenia is able to declare itself in the world of wine.